WP Engine Alternatives 2019: Top 9 Reliable Hostings Reviewed

WP Engine is the best WordPress hosting site that one can get on the market. But day by day it is getting expensive and hard for starter sites to deal with it.

They have good features but often we need something inexpensive to start with. The price often makes people fret away from the dream of having their website.

But as the market is increasing so are the WP Engine Alternatives. Often they are priced cheaper but that doesn’t mean that they are of cheap quality.  Almost all the time they provide all the necessary things and a beginner can afford them. This article will be all about me telling you about some of the competitors of WP Engine that you can surely try.


Before, we start the first question comes to our mind…

Why are we looking for WP Engine alternatives?

We have to agree that WP Engine is a good company when it comes to WordPress hosting. I have utilized it in the past but now it seems to be a lot expensive. They have hiked the price and it can now cost us around $184 per month for the services that they deliver.

Most of the probable users are intimidated by their price point. They at times also restrict the use of some plug-ins and that is a bummer for people who like those plug-ins.

But some good points that WP Engine definitely has are:

  • The WordPress experts are always present to help you out
  • They offer robust security measures for one’s site
  • The servers are optimized to avoid any lagging
  • Site performance reports that are detailed are available to the customer’s
  • Site backups are performed daily

WP Engine is most used to maintain high security on one’s site and is able to host professional or business sites in the best way possible.

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But, they allow us to handle small traffic in their higher plans. And that is the reason, you must have look at some of their competitors. You will find some of the competitors on Reddit, hosting forums or quora but here we are presenting you top list among them.

9 Alternatives to WP Engine: Reliable Competitors

Now let us get into some of the hosting sites that you can potentially use for hosting your WordPress. I have included a variety of options so that it is easier to choose for you according to your budget and need.

When you ask me what would be the first recommendation for best managed hosting service then I would say Kinsta hosting.


Benefits You Enjoy:

  • Complete hosting management
  • Regular backups
  • Premium security standards to seciure your sites from attacks
  • Google cloud platform to serve you fast speed
  • Free of cost migration if you are non tech guy

So if you have high traffic websites and you have to handle millions of traffic then kinsta managed hosting comes to the picture. Do you know shoutmeloud? They are using this hosting service from many years.

You may have known this site as TrafficPlanet Hosting a while ago. The hosting provider has optimized itself to be utilized for managed WordPress sites. This is one of the best sites that one can look forward to if they use WordPress.

Price point:

$24.99+ Taxes is the monthly business plan price. But you get a lot more when compare to other WordPress Hosting sites.

wpx hosting - best wp engine alternative

Benefits You Enjoy:

  • The migration takes place within 24 hours and it is done for free
  • They give an immediate reply to any inquiry generated by the user
  • The user can choose from 3 of their plans, business, professional and elite.
  • Unlimited bandwidth is provided with the Elite plan
  • Up to 35 websites can be hosted on their costliest plan
  • A 30-day money back guarantee is also provided

WPX Hosting is the second best hosting company after WP Engine if someone is using WordPress. The speed of the site and the tonnes of features that are provided by them are cool.

The plans of them are quite affordable and the beginner can utilize the business plan quite well. There are no cons to the service as they are providing as much as they can. It can be the first WP Engine Alternatives that one can delve into.

cloudways - best wpengine business competitior

When it comes to choosing best cloud hosting as a Wpengine competitor then I would love to choose the cloudways. It’s available in 40+ different data centers and they are managing more than 31 thousand active cloud servers and giving them top quality performance at low cost.

What does it make a difference than Wpengine?

You are getting a managed cloud servers without doing configurations, upgrades and even touching a single line of code.

The process is quite simple, first choose your cloud from Digital Ocean, Google, Amazon, Kyup, Vultr, and Linode, Select your app like WordPress CMS or E-commerce builder and deploy. You are done.

Here. I’m providing you a cloudways 3 months coupon, use it and share your experience.

This is another site that is well known among WordPress users. This is an all-around hosting site and they start at a very affordable rate. The loading time is quite fast and they give instant support whenever the user requires it.

When it comes to looking at the pricing of wp engine vs siteground then you have to pay on a yearly basis to SiteGround and that is why it’s the cheapest alternative to WP Engine. This hosting site is also one of the most preferred ones from regular WordPress users.

Price Point:

They offer prices at $3.95, $7.95 and $14.95 respectively.


Benefits You Enjoy:

  • Migrations for WordPress are done for free
  • The WordPress staging sites are just a click away
  • An in-house tool for caching is available
  • Git for WordPress can be utilized easily with the site

SiteGround is a value for money hosting site that can be used without any compromise. The site has to be preferred for its awesome performance and great loading speeds.

They also have appropriate customer service and the protection given to your site is adequate. I will always recommend getting the yearly plan. If you want to look for monthly plans then SiteGround may not be the best thing that you want to look for.

My Experience
I was using siteground shared hosting in the past for betterinfoview.com, I’m quite impressed with their services at the nominal price range.

Due to heavy traffic load on my site, sometimes I had to contact their support team. And you will be amazed that they will reply to your queries within 12-24 hours.

They have even live chat support, by using that you can get your queries solved in just a few minutes. I highly recommend you if you are looking for the highly managed wordpress hosting.

The site is well-known among people who want to move out of using WP Engine. Hostgator WordPress is quite simple to use and they are hosting about 9 million domains currently.

They are well known for the dirt cheap price that makes it easier for anyone to try it out. There are cult followers who swear by using Hostgator for hosting their WordPress site.

Price Point:

They have set the plans of $7.96, $9.56, $14.36 on monthly basis.


Benefits You Enjoy:

  • The hosting site can happily host 100,000 visitors monthly in their basic plan itself
  • They have 24/7 live support for the users
  • The migration of sites are done free
  • The plans also include a tutorial for beginners in WordPress
  • They have a free Content Delivery Network (CDN) service

Hostgator is a service that all beginners should use. It helps them in knowing the advantages of a hosting site and they do not need to pay a huge amount.

The price point has been kept affordable and it helps people in trying it out. It is a good hosting site but professionals may want to use a hosting site that has professional grade features to them.

This is also an affordable hosting site but it is loaded with many features. It is one of the most preferred sites for beginners out there.

They are also officially recommended by WordPress team which makes them special. The service has been running for about 14 years and they wouldn’t want to stop soon. It is a reliable site and has a dedicated plan to WordPress users.

Price Point:

They have set plans of $7.99, $10.99 and $14.99 and have named them basic, plus and prime respectively.


Benefits You Enjoy:

  • With the plus and prime package, the unlimited number of website hosting is allowed.
  • The cPanel is provided with Bluehost which makes it easy for the users
  • Customer service is provided 24/7 and it is quite quick
  • Free SSL Certificate is also provided with the plan

Bluehost is great if someone wants to start with hosting WordPress sites. People have been using it over the year and they are happy with the features. Getting the plus package is the best thing to do as most of the features are great.

Bluehost is capable of holding traffic even on a daily basis. The plans are often on discount which makes it even better. The one-click installation is great and saves time. The only downside is that migration of sites isn’t free in Bluehost.

Flywheel a robust competitor when it comes to WordPress hosting. They have a trendy looking site which declares their professionalism.

They are hosting sites from 2012 and have gained good followers. The flywheel has a great bandwidth limit of 500 GB which is more than enough for most website holders.

Price Point:

On yearly plans, they charge $14, $28 and $69 per month respectively


Benefits You Enjoy:

  • The migration of sites are free
  • They offer 100000 thousand monthly visits to their professional pack
  • SSL Certificate is provided for free
  • Staging site is also provided for free
  • They even offer fancy features

The flywheel is the best WP Engine Alternative for the new generation. They give the option of hosting the sites with ease and much problems wouldn’t arise.

They will never shut off your site and the hold up is quite great and no overage charges are levied. Taking the personal pack is the best way to go if someone is looking for value for money. If one wants to add additional sites, they may do so with $10 for each site.

Digital Ocean is a cloud hosting site which is quite unique when compared to the other services present in this list. It is great for people who love the added security that cloud hosting provides. But it is more of a technological needy site as one can create or destroy using developers.

The hosting service makes it clear that their site was made by keeping developers in mind. With the service, one can migrate their sites to a cloud platform. It has something called the Droplet in it and it was first started in 2011. About 550,000 customers now utilize Digital Ocean.

Price Point:

It starts at a cheap price of only $5 a month and goes up to $640 having 20 GB SSD and $640 GB SSD respectively.

digital ocean

Benefits You Enjoy:

  • The sites can be started in 55 seconds with their powerful servers
  • SSD Hard Drives provide a faster and better site
  • The bandwidth that Digital Ocean provides is insane. It starts with 1 TB and increases with each plan
  • KVM Virtualisation provides the best security for one’s site
  • The control panel has been made simple for the users
  • The hardware provided is commendable when compared to any hosting site

As already said Digital Queen is unique when compared to other hosting sites. This is made for developers who are eager to host their websites. The cloud allows one to have a faster and secure website. The first plan is quite cheap and a bandwidth of 1 TB is quite appreciable.

But it does get quite pricey when one has to look for more features. This isn’t beginner friendly for people who aren’t used to programming or developing. So developers can use this very well but others can choose from other WP Engine Alternatives mentioned in this list.

My Experience
When it comes to hosting niche websites which have a good amount of traffic then I would highly recommend you to host your blog on digital ocean cloud servers.

They are cheap in price and provide 512MB Ram, 1 core CPU, 20Gb SSD Storage, and 1TB Bandwidth at only $5. Hence, If you can manage VPS servers with commands then you must go with this company.

The digital ocean can handle easily 1000-1500 real-time visitors on $5 servers if you optimize the servers very well. I have hosted all niche websites on the digital ocean and I have no complaints with them till date.

The last hosting site on our list is A2 Hosting. It’s one of the best-managed wordpress hosting company in the market. The page load time is fairly quick and the service provided by them is great. It has been known to have page load time greater than top sites like Bluehost and SiteGround.

They have made it possible to have packages that suit a person according to their budget. For a budget site, this is a great alternative for people who do not want a hole in their pockets.

Price Point:

The site has kept 3 packages at $3.92, $4.90 and $9.31 respectively and has named them Lite, Swift, and Turbo.

a2 hosting

Benefits You Enjoy:

  • Unlimited Storage is provided with all their plans
  • Unlimited Transfer is also provided with all 3 plans
  • The control panel is in the cPanel format to help users
  • SSL certificate and SSD is provided free with every plan
  • Anytime Money Back guarantee is provided if the user isn’t happy with the services
  • 24/7 customer service is provided

A2 Hosting has been gaining popularity in the last few years. As we are seeing all their plans are value for money with good features. One can easily invest in the Swift pack if they want good features.

For people who like fast websites, they can easily choose the Turbo pack for the 20x faster website. A2 Hosting makes it very easy to host any WordPress sites and their best feature is the money back guarantee that they provide even with the lite pack.

Final Thoughts:

These are some of the recommendations that I have for WP Engine Alternatives for hosting WordPress sites. It is always good to choose the basic pack as a trial for a month.

I would highly recommend going with siteground and Bluehost if you are looking for shared hosting. But, If you are looking to hosting your micro niche and Amazon affiliate websites then digital ocean and vultr are the best options to go with.

This almost always lets you have a fair idea about the service that the site is provided. Also, it is advised to go for a yearly plan once you decide on a hosting site. The yearly plan is almost always more cost-effective than monthly plans.

If you have any recommendations and want to share your experience with your hosting provider then comment below.

Thank you!

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    • Hi Amit,

      I have used Bluehost shared hosting in the past and quietly satisfied with the results. You can go with the Bluehost, discount link is given in the article.

    • Hi Amit,

      I have used Bluehost shared hosting in the past and quietly satisfied with the results. You can go with the Bluehost, the discount link is given in the article.

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