Why Custom Domain Name is Best for BlogSpot Platform

If you are a newbie and want to start the first blog and selected a BlogSpot as starting hosting platform, then this guide definitely will help you.

This guide will show you complete details about why BlogSpot custom domain name is best, its benefits and how to setup it.

Most of the newbies when coming in the blogging usually they ask the first question, Which blogging platform is the best from blogger.com/ wordpress.com or self-hosted WordPress.

I recommend self-hosted WordPress because of some reasons like on Blogspot platform owner is Google team, and they have authority to remove blog anytime while other cons are lack plugins & themes and much more. But at the starting level, blogger and wordpress.com are the best options.

In this guide, I’m not going to show you a difference between different blogging platforms.

But you will see why custom domain should be used for Blogspot platform and how to set up.

If you want to get the better experience with blogger platform, you should change several aspects in it.

Custom domain name is one of the considerable aspects which you should take care of.

At the beginning stage, you are not a technical guy, so you have chosen blog spot domain name because you are not aware of benefits of the custom domain at traffic, SEO, and branding levels.

The only one thing which might not have liked about Blogspot platform is a .blogspot domain name, Which is easily fixed by setting up with the custom domain name for the blogger.

After setting up a custom domain, your Blogspot blog URL will look like “www.yourdomainname.com”.

Let’s dive into further details.

What is a custom domain name?

A custom domain name is a fine-looking URL as my perspective. If you would like to setup hosting on Blogspot platform, your blog URL looks like http://www.betterinfoview.blogspot.com

But if it is hosted with the custom domain name, URL will look like mine which is https://www.betterinfoview.com. This URL is attractive and rememberable.

Benefits of having custom domain name:
  • Easy to remember:

Mostly, if you will choose a blog domain name, then it is easy to remember for users compare to .blogspot name and also decrease a length of the domain name. So your visitors come to blog directly.

  • Seriousness about blogging:

However, you should create a brand from ground level because it likes “The first impression is the last impression.” If you start a blog with Blogspot name then after sometimes probability you could not get the choicest custom name which was available in the past. Here, I have selected betterinfoview as a brand name for blogging, SEO, wordpress and social media niche.

Moreover, if your blog stays one year and then you would like to change the name at that time you will lose Alexa rank, and it will start with a new number and name.

  • SEO friendly:

When you choose a custom name, you should include some keywords in it which make SEO friendly domain name. Usually, your chances are more to get Adsense approval with the custom domain name.

  • Low price:

Companies are providing your domain name at the very low price. If you go with the custom domain name, it will cost around 11$(.com) for one year, and coast varies from providers to providers. Some hosting companies provide you free custom domain name with hosting package which is ultimate package for setup of the blog.

  • SEO Advantage:

Usually, the branded website would not like to give a link back which have .blospot domain name due to spam. With the custom name, you are increasing chances to get more links that will help your blog as more search engine traffic and increase in Alexa rank.

Where to buy a custom domain name?

There are plenty of registrars available in the market which will give you domain name with an option of different extensions and also they are very cheap. Here I’m recommending you some registrars

Godaddy at $2.99

Name.com at $10.99

Bigrock at $9.99

How to add a custom domain name to blogger using Godaddy:

Here, I assume that you understood about importance and benefits of the custom domain of Blogspot blog. Now if you want to use a special custom domain name for your blog then you have to follow given process below.

This process removes .blogspot name and attaches selected custom name. And for this process,  you have to buy one domain name which preferable to your niche. You can see a detailed guide choose a domain name for any niche from here. You can buy the best domain from Godaddy, name.com or namecheap.com for around 11$/year for .com TLDs.

Let’s dive into the entire process of adding a domain name to blogger with GoDaddy. [Here we called as SETUP-1]

Go to Blogger.com and log in to your account.

Move under settings > basic > publishing section, and you can see the .blogspot name of a blog, and under that, you will see an option which says ” Set up a third-party URL for your blog – Point your registered URL to your blog” and click on it.

.blogspot name

Here you have to add purchased a domain name and select “NO” in an option of Use a missing files host? And press on save then it will give show you error called “We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 12.”

Setting up custom domain name

Also, you can see CNAME and 4A records which will need for next steps. So, you have Cname details, and now you have to go to domain control panel for further changes.

Setting up CNAME and A records for blog spot:

Here, I will be doing the process with Godaddy registrar, and in this part, you don’t need technical skills so don’t worry about that.

Log in to a dashboard and click on plus of domains and under that select MANAGE DNS of the purchased domain name.

Now, click on DNS zone file. Here you can enter A, AAAA, CNAMES and MX records for your domain name. Click on Add record and select CNAME (Alias) and enter details from blogger.

First, enter “www” in the host and “ghs.google.com” in points to fields without quotes and click on add another center and add a second name or label CNAME details from setup 1.

Finally, click on Finish and click on save changes. If you are still confused then see below screen shot to get the ideas.

A records of godaddy

Now you have to add A records on DNS section

Select Add record and select A(host) as record type.

Enter @ in Host and different I.P address in points to a section which is given below and save it. See screenshot below

Cname records of godaddy

Once this process is completed, then you need to wait for  1-2 hours for this changes to reflect. After 1-2 hours go to blog’s settings>basic>publishing part and click on save. If you still get an error called “We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 12.” in your blog settings section then check entered records in manage DNS section or wait for some time.

For redirection click on edit and checkmark “

Video Tutorial
Here I’m sharing you one video which shows the entire process.

If you face any problem feel free to ask via comments and do not forget to share this article on the social media and with your friends. 😉

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