Best Solutions to Make WordPress Blog Mobile Friendly for Google

Are you wondering how to make WordPress site mobile friendly?

Your blog/website don’t pass Google mobile-friendly test.

Don’t worry! This guide gives you best solutions to make blog mobile-ready and to pass Google mobile-friendly test.

On 21st April 2015 Google officially announced that mobile friendliness is now officially ranking factor for website/blog that means every blog should have to pass a mobile-friendly test for getting higher rank into Google search results. According to, Google mobile search is growing faster than desktop search.Here is the example.

mobile search vs desktop search

Above image was taken from Google keyword planner. You can see that I searched keyword “audi cars” and it gives me category wise results for mobile, computers and tablet. Here mobile + tablet searches lead over the computer search for “audi cars” keyword.This is only one example of the keyword. For other keywords, you may also get results something like that.


Definitely, by seeing above images, you understand that how mobile search growth increases day by day that’s why also almost all leading e-commerce websites are focusing on mobile marketing. The Below chart shows you that mobile friendly blog gets a higher position in search results from others.


One fact is when someone creates website/blog they chose stylish and attractive themes for website/blog, but without searching mobile friendliness of theme, that means they have failed indirectly in search engines.

But now at the time, every themes making companies are also improving their mobile friendliness of themes which help us for getting more organic searches.All over you can’t ignore mobile blog/website for SEO perspective.

In this guide, I will share some solutions to make WordPress blog mobile friendly. But before we get into that, First.

What is mobile friendly blog & their features?

Mobile friendly blog is responsive with various devices such as smartphones, iPhones & IPads and tablets that automatically adjust with device screens.It also has features:

  • Load fast: Speed is key, and the Google predicts that 29% visitors move to another website if the website is too slow in their report.
  • Easy to read: A mobile friendly website is that display on hand-held devices and gives smart reading experience. Mobile screens are 1/5th the size of laptop or desktop computers.Proper font size and eye-catching fonts are the solutions.
  • Attractive design: It has a simple, clean and stylish design with easy navigation and minimal scrolling feature which give peaceful user experience to the visitors.

How can you check mobile-friendliness of the blog?

Here, I’m giving you some tools that test mobile-friendliness of the blog and also give best possible solutions.

Tool:1 Google mobile-friendly test tool

betterinfoview mobile friendly test

I first recommend you to use Google mobile-friendly test tool which specially designs for checking friendliness of mobile.This tool tells more about how Google boot will see your page, and it’s helpful for SEO perspective.

For checking go to this link.

Now enter your blog URL and hit enter. If your blog will get ” Awesome! This page is mobile friendly” message then you don’t have to work on the blog for making mobile responsive, but if the result is opposite, then you should follow below possible ways for improvement of the blog.

Tool:2 Google page insights tool


Page Insights is a great tool by Google which shows the best possible score of the page according to scripts, images, etc. out of hundred for mobile and as well as desktop. This tool gives us a lot of information about the web page to make load faster.

If you get a marked green score, then don’t need to any work on the blog. But if you get yellow/red marked score then you should apply possible solutions on the blog.

Tool: 3. Google webmaster tool:


Mobile usability is the most important feature of Google search console that shows what type of errors your mobile website have. You can also get particular error Url to solve the error issue on the mobile website.

  • For that Go to > Google webmaster tool and sign in to your account.
  • Now click on Search traffic > Mobile usability.

Tool:4. Browserstack


This is an optional tool.It will show you a true screenshot of the mobile website on most popular devices.It is available in trial and paid service.

Possible solutions to make WordPress blog mobile friendly:

Here, I will share you all possible solutions(WordPress themes + plugins) which you can use to make WordPress blog mobile ready. Let’s look at solutions and pick one(s) among them which will be suitable for the blog.

1. Use a responsive theme

responsive metro theme

I have mentioned tools above to check mobile friendliness of blog, but if any tool show error related to the responsiveness of theme that means your WordPress blog hasn’t the mobile ready theme then you should change theme because now all the modern WordPress themes are responsive.So you can pick one of them for your blog.

Search in WordPress theme directory with the responsive tag for a free theme, and you must check out guide 50+ Best Free Responsive WordPress Themes 2015 by color lab.

But if you are running professional blog, I would recommend you to use most popular Genesis theme(The Genesis framework + child theme) which highly recommended by professional bloggers, and it is responsive too.

Here is the list of best premium responsive WordPress themes which are recommended by developers & used by professional bloggers:

  • Genesis themes by studio press
  • X theme and News paper by Themeforest
  • Focus blog theme by thrive themes

2. Wptouch WordPress plugin


It’s most popular freemium plugin(available in free+premium) specially designed for making mobile ready WordPress blog. It converts your blog into simple and elegant mobile theme for mobile visitors and enables the mobile friendly version of the blog that easily passes Google mobile-friendly test.

Other features:

  • Themes are faster up to 5x than desktop or responsive themes.
  • It sends mobile-optimized pic and scripts which give us faster page loading speed.
  • For ios user give functionality to add app without an app store.
  • Easily customizable.

Install & Configuration of Wptouch WordPress plugin(free):

  • First Go to Plugins section > Add new and type Wp touch plugin.
    Install and active it.
  • Now go to Wptouch > Core Settings.
  • Set your blog title & byline and In display mode select ” All visitors “(It show Wptouch theme for all visitors).
  • For selection of themes & extensions navigate to Wptouch > Themes & extensions.
  • This plugin provides only the Bauhaus theme for a free user, but it offers seven other classic themes and googles fonts, multiple Ads, mobile-specific content and many more extensions for Pro users.
  • Navigate to Theme settings and set some post visibility on the home page and select featured slider and image option.
  • In branding section, you can choose Theme colors, Site Logo, Footer Settings, Sharing buttons and Topography-font.
  • If you want to change menu icons or use custom icons for menu, then move to menu section.

Your mobile blog theme is ready with Wptouch plugin.

3. Jetpack plugin mobile theme

jetpack mobile theme

Jetpack is great plugin used by most of the websites, and It offers great mobile theme module. You need to activate this module after activating Jetpack plugin. For configuration of mobile theme, select Configure button.

This plugin comes with other modules like related posts to show posts below or above content and the custom menu for mobile.

4. Use W3 Total Cache plugin and Wp smush plugins

W3 total cache plugin offers options of the caching page and minifies scripts. These two options allow us to minify front page which increases page speed load time.Minify option minifies Html & XML, Javascript, and CSS which helps to load a page faster.

Wp smush plugin is used for size compression of images without losing the quality of images. You know that high-quality images have more size.So page takes more time to load high-quality images. But by using this plugin When you upload any image, it will automatically cut all unnecessary data from the image and reduce image size.

These two plugins do not give us mobile theme but they helpful for size compression of image and minify query languages which ultimately help in page loading speed.


There are many other WordPress mobile theme plugins and solutions out there.But you can use any one(s) of them for your blog.

If you can invest some more money, then you should go with paid version of Wp touch plugin. But if you want to use the free plugin then Wptouch is also available as free.

My suggestion is to use a stylish, attractive and responsive theme with W3 total cache and Wp smush plugins. But if you don’t deal with the theme then Wp touch and Jetpack mobile theme options are available for you.

Do let me know which responsive theme and plugins you are using for blog/website via comments. If you know any other solutions, then get me introduced that via comments. If you feel this article is helpful, then don’t hesitate to share on social media and with friends.

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