LinksManagement Review 2018: Boost Your Website SEO + $50 Bonus

What’s the number one factor google take into the consideration while ranking the sites??


Right! The more high-quality backlinks your site has, more authority and power It has.


The problem is how to get quality links for your sites? Or From where to get cheap, powerful backlinks to your sites?

The solution is the LinksManagement.

Before we dive into the linksmanagement review, let’s look at…

Why your niche site needs high-quality backlinks?

Why your site needs a backlink

It is a known fact that backlinks act as the backbone of every website.

The fact that search engines like Google based on its algorithms decides which website, web-page or blog should be placed on the top, It becomes all the more important to rely on backlinks.

No matter how great the content or design of a website has without the aid of links none of the sites can rank on top of Google.

Or beat the competition.

There is always a high level of competition going on among the website owners, and without the use of proper link building practices & choosing the right keywords, It’s not possible to withstand the competition.

There are sometimes; we may succeed in ranking by focusing on keywords but, you see that is not going to be helpful every time.

That’s because when the competition on that particular keyword hikes up, you will require the help of more power to the web page in order to outrank your competition.

There are mainly two ways to increase the authority of the webpage.

#1: Earn the high-quality powerful backlinks (People link your content naturally)

#2: Build the backlinks (We build them to increase trust and build the authority of the site in Google’s eye)

I won’t dive into a type of backlinks here.


As the number of people who link to your site increases, the popularity of your site also goes up along with the time.

You may be aware of the fact that the creation of HQ links is quite a hectic process.


Do you know that these kinds of links can be easily bought from authority blogs? Speaking of which Links Management is one such authority blog where you can get these HQ links from.

Even the prices of the HQ links are very low at Links Management (One of the best cheap backlinks provider).

You can get HQ links at a low price at $0.39 per month.

Also, It’s free to join and create your account with them.

Go through the detailed Links Management review given below and judge it for yourself.

What Is Links Management?

Linksmanagement Review

Before we move on to any details of LinksManagement; it is better that you gather some knowledge about the product first.

To put it in simple words, LinksManagement is a marketplace of backlinks which permits webmaster to buy quality backlinks at affordable rates for their websites.

Truth be told, It has helped its users with every aspect of buying cheap, high-quality backlinks and then maintaining them.

Links Management is in business since 2009, and It has been quite successful in establishing itself in the market.

By so far, they already served more than 8 million backlinks to its users.

For people who are concerned about the safety of their blogs or website can relax because It’s a completely great technique of buying links.

That’s because Links Management provides you with contextual links and thus, you can easily find relevant links from their link’s inventory and add up to 500 characters to it in order to prevent it from getting detected by Google.

I personally use LinksManagement service for my niche sites.

With the help of Links Management I have successfully ranked my blogs on top of the search engine result’s page and trust me, it has improved the traffic of my blogs drastically.

Should You Feel Guilty About Buying Backlinks?

Well if you ask me, I will say no because everything is fair in business! If you want to establish your business successfully, there will always be some amount of risk that you have to bear.

If you are not among one of those website owners who leave their websites or blogs at the mercy of Google and then, ultimately end up getting lost among hundreds of other websites, then you will give LinksManagement a shot and improve the chances of your site.

This is the reason why I always rely on Links Management to buy backlinks for my blogs.

Let's take one simple example here.

If your competitor is using PBN links for increasing page authority of their webpage and you are just trying hard to take white hat backlinks naturally.

He/she will take the first position and stay there, and you will be looking all the time to get white hat backlinks. Read two statements again!

Linksmanagement Benefits:

These cool features of Links Management are what make it worth every webmaster’s choice. Just have a look through its features below, and you will know it for yourself.

#1: A Hoard Of Quality Links

cheap high quality backlinks

There may be plenty of backlinks marketplace available out there, but hardly a few of them can match up to the quality of Links Management.

The fact LinksManagement has a hoard of quality links instead of spam links it makes it the first choice of every webmaster out there.

With the help of Links Management, one can easily find quality links at affordable rates and that too from the actual sites belonging to different individuals.

In fact, a user can also find websites such as .gov and .edu which are high authority sites.

#2: Free Assistance from SEO Expert

It is like an added advantage when one can have the facility to ask for professional SEO help for their website.

When a user invests his money with LinksManagement they, make sure that the user gets the help he needs.

The professional SEO expert team will help the user to find some of the best quality links for his website so, that when he select these links, it would ultimately affect the ranking of his website in a positive way.

#3: Free SEO Cost Calculator

free seo calculator

With the help of free SEO cost calculator, one can calculate the links he needs in order to beat his competitor and then, calculate the total cost of those links as well.

This feature actually has helped me quite a lot in getting best backlinks.

#4: Great Filtering Options

backlinks packages - filters

Links Management provides a user with some great filtering options which prove to be of great help.

With the help of these filters, one can filter his results based on the page authority, domain authority, page rank, SB rank, outbound link ratio, onetime payment and price per month.

All these filter options indeed act as a blessing for the betterment of one’s website.

#5: Relevancy of Links

It is a known fact that relevancy of links is one thing that is taken very seriously by the search engines and therefore, Links Management has taken the responsibility of providing its users with relevant links.

A user can also make your links super-relevant by adding 500 characters to it while placing them. Isn’t that a great way to enhance the relevancy of links?

#6: Website Preview, Before Buying

This is one of the features that got my attention. Like me for every webmaster previewing the websites on which the links are going to place is very important.

And with LinksManagement you can avail the benefits.

A webmaster can efficiently analyze and cross-check the website all by himself and determine whether the site is legit or not according to him.

#7: Unique C-Class IPs

The unique C-Class IPs make sure that a user can play safe with its links. The links that are provided by the Links Management mainly originates from unique IPs which helps to keep one’s profile natural and thus, save it from Google.

A user can also keep his links active without getting detected by Google. That’s because the links are originated from different unique IPs.

Apart from these main features, LinksManagement has plenty of other features as well which I have outlined below.

  • 100% quality links.
  • It has more than 200,000 registered users.
  • So far it has served over 8 million links.
  • It provides you with affordable high authority websites, the prices of which may vary from $1 to $15 per links.
  • The websites that are available at Links Management marketplace are all crawled and indexed.
  • It is a legit and genuine hosted website.
  • The Links Management is an easy to handle marketplace.
  • Freedom from spam links.


Steps To Buy Quality Backlinks from Links Management

I have added this section for the users who are facing issues in buying quality backlinks from Links Management. Go through the steps given below and help yourselves.

Step – 1:

The first thing that you need to do is visit the official website of Links Management from here.

The next thing you need to do is open an account on Links Management.

Create an account with this URL and get $50 Bonus.

Fill up the sign-up form with the required details. For people who already have an account will just have to click on the ‘Log In’ option on the top bar.

Step – 2:

Once you are logged into your account, scroll down to ‘Filters.’

Now set filters according to your preference and enter the domain name or keyword to get relevant results in order to place your links.

backlinks packages - filters

Now go to the ‘advanced filters’ and select any country or region under filter only if you want to place your links in any specific country’s or region’s website.

You can also select language under filter in case you want to place your links in any specific language website.

Now set the range for page authority or domain authority using the scrollbar.

Next set the limit for outbound links.

Most of the time you have to focus more on DA (Domain Authority), PA (Page Authority), Outbound links and category of backlinks according to your niche.

Pro Tip
While you set the filters, you make sure keep minimum outbound links and high domain authority. It will give you the best results.

Step – 3:

buy high PR text links - linksmanagement

You will also come across some special filters that you may use. Once you are done setting up all the filters, hit the ‘Green Search’ button.

A new page will open the list of all the websites where you can place your links.

You can check the payment options of each link and select the ones that you want to buy and then, hit the ‘Green Cart Button.

Step – 4:

cheap backlinks

A new pop-up window will show where you will be asked to fill in certain details about the links.

What you have to do is click on the ‘Add New Promoted URL’ and then enter the URL for which you wish to buy links and hit the ‘Save’ button.

Since Links Management allows you to add 500 characters to your links in order to make it relevant and thus preventing it from getting detected from Google.

So enter the texts that you wish to add before and after your anchor text in their relevant boxes.

Step – 5:

add funds into the account

Once you are done with it, click on the ‘Add o Cart’ button.

Next click on the ‘My Cart’ button in order to check all your campaigns and then, adding funds to your account.

You will get all the links that you want to purchase. Now all you have to do is select the payment option.

Once you decide your payment option scroll down to the ‘Add Funds’ option at the bottom.

Pop will appear asking you to choose the payment method. Select the payment method according to your preference.

Next, select the number of funds you wish to add in the additional You will be asked relevant information about your payment details which you will have to provide.

Once you are done with your payment, the backlinks will be made active. And when you click on the ‘little world icon’, you can see the websites where your links have been placed.


Final Thoughts:

If you want to buy best high-quality cheap backlinks then linksmanagement is the first platform to go with.

You will get best one at the good rate.

I would say you must buy backlinks for your niche sites, not for authority sites.

Hopefully, this Links Management review will help you get best ninja links and you will rank higher in SERP.

Let me know what’s experience with the platform after using it in the comment section.

Thank you!

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