How to Find Long Tail Keywords for SEO That Brings More Traffic

Are you unable to get traffic from a search engine?

Are you wondering how to find long tail keywords for your niche?

This post shows you different procedures to find long tail phrases for your niche. And by using that you could drive more traffic to your blog.

But before go into that techniques let me show you two types of keywords which you could target in your blog posts.

First, one is generic keywords, and another one is long tail keywords.

Mostly, head or generic or short tail type of keywords have more search volume and high competition while long tail phrases tend for a low competition & search volume.

Now, you might be wondering why we should target long tail phrases instead of short tail keywords.

One of the best keyword research tool Hittail found that 70% search terms on Google are the long tail, and its conversion rate is 2.5x more than head keywords.

Neil Patel was able to generate 20,000 monthly visitors through long tail phrases.​

​Amazon makes 57% sales from only long tail terms.

Wp beginner blog grew its traffic 20% in just two months.

Now, you should agree with me that long tail keywords really help to increase traffic. ​

How to Identify Long Tail Keywords?

A keyword which is very very specific and it has 3+ keyword phrases is identified as Long Tail Keyword. 

Let me show you an example:

Here's a broad keyword "best steam iron" with 5400 monthly searches. While its long versions look like

"best steam iron under $50" with 20 monthly searches.

"best steam iron for ironing clothes" with 10 monthly searches.

Even you can make own long tail keywords but It will become time consuming process and you might end up with wrong keyword.

So, It's a good idea to use long tail keywords in the article, and your article might get top rank in SERP if you use a solid on-page and off-page techniques.

Today, I'm going to show to you best ways to find long tail keywords that will help to grow your blog traffic.

Here's the deal for you:

Later in this post, I will show you one way that gives a bunch of keyword ideas from industry's best marketplace, and you would rarely find this technique anywhere.

18 Actionable Methods to Find Long Tail Keywords for Your Niche


Google Auto Suggest (Grab Gold Mine Keywords)

Google auto suggest is advanced keyword research tool that gives you keyword ideas according to generic keywords which are in your mind.

It will show you search terms which were searching online and by picking them you can get long tail keywords.


Head over to Google and start typing head keyword.

google auto suggest

Google automatically shows you some related keywords. If I were looking for a keywords based on "how to make green tea", google automatically suggests some results that frequently were searching online.  


Some are the keywords "how to make green tea in hindi", "how to make green tea at home". But if you were not satisfied with results then go to keyword planner.

And place noted keywords into the tool, and it will give you more accurate keywords ideas with monthly search volumes, and CPC.

google auto suggest with keyword planner



Uber suggest is free long tail keyword tool that gives you best profitable long tail terms, and it scrapes the ideas from Google auto suggest.

But It will give you keyword ideas for images, news, shopping and you tube platforms as per chosen country.

Uber suggest quickly finds new keyword ideas that Google keyword planner rarely shows you.

This tool helps you to take keyword research process to the next level.

From this tool, you can list out keywords based on images, videos, and shopping.

This tool doesn’t give search volume and CPC, you have to install free available keyword anywhere chrome extension to find search volume and CPC.​


Head over to uber suggest and enter seed keyword and choose country & platform.

uber suggest


#2: Tool automatically adds related words of the head keywords in the front of and at the end. It will give you a bunch of great long tail keywords.

uber suggest2.png


Google Keyword Planner: Ultimate Long Tail Keyword Generator Tool

You are using GKP (Google keyword planner) completely wrong way.

Yes! This is harsh the truth.

Everyone prefers Google keyword planner as best keyword research tool. No doubt it is.

But the problem is people don't the know right way to list out long tail keywords from the tool.

You would enter a broad keyword in GKP and start searching for low competition long tail phrases.

If you are taking competition data of keyword planner for searching low competition keywords, then it’s useless for you.

Another significant disadvantage of keyword planner is Google shows same keywords data to everyone.​

Because of you are reading this excellent content...

Here's the deal for you 😉 This tactic will help you to find long tail & high CPC containing keywords that your competitor doesn't know.


Put your main topic on google and click enter.

gkp keyword research


Now you can see SEO optimized articles on the first page of the google and find out your competitor from them.

gkp keyword research2


Copy URL of the competitor's site and head over to Google Keyword Planner. Go Url section and put URL and click on search.

google keyword planner


It will list out hidden keywords that Google rarely show.

google keyword planner2.png

By this way you will have list of good keywords, further you will need to analyze their competition either manually or with tool like long tail pro. 


Search related to...

When you enter any keyword, google will show you top ten results of the first page.

At the bottom side of that page, you could see related keywords for entered keyword.

Mostly these keywords are hidden, and Google keyword planner doesn't show you. Also, you could use these keywords as LSI keywords.

This are the search terms that google considers as related search queries for your entered keyword.

You can put generated long tail phrases in google and find another variation of the keywords and rinse and repeat this process until you won’t get good keyword.



Enter your body or head keyword on google search bar.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and see a search related results for entered keywords.

If you were entering “how to gain weight fast” google shows you top ten results and at bottom of page you would find some great keywords that keyword planner might not give me.

These keywords are closely related to your main keywords.

search related google


Put those keywords into Google keyword planner and take a look at search volume and CPC.

5 Free Online Long Tail Keyword Generator Tool scrapes the data from google auto suggest and most interesting thing about tool is it adds letter in the front of searched term and gives you more keywords than uber suggest.

There are many free keyword research tools out there but works like a charm to grab short or long tail keywords.

This tool gives you best possible long tail phrases based on searched term and it will help you to pick best of them.

If you are working on youtube platform, this tool gives you best-searched terms for your videos.

One of the disadvantages is that it can't give you CPC, Volume and Adwords competition on the free trial pack which you could get on their pro feature.


Head over to keyword tool and enter the main keyword with selecting country and platform.

Tool searches for

“link building strategies a”

“link building strategies b” and so on.​


It only show you keywords, but it won't show you search volume, CPC and Adwords competition which you can see by placing this keyword in Google keyword planner.


But it also searches for

“a link building strategies”

“b link building strategies” and so on.​


SEMRush: Ultimate Tool for Scraping Competitor's Keywords

How can you increase search engine traffic of your blog than competitors?

How can you increase search engine traffic to your blog than competitors?

By knowing your competitors, high traffic generating keywords.

Find right keywords of competitors.

Make great content around the keywords.

Then steal your competitor's backlinks.

And get more traffic.​

When it comes to finding competitor's keywords, SEMRush comes in the picture.

There are many best SEO tools out there & SEMrush is one of them. It will show you top organic keywords of competitor's site that bring most of the traffic.

Along with keywords, it will also show you its position, trend, volume, CPC and average traffic that could help to pick best of them.

Here are the exact steps:


Head over to SEMrush and type your competitor URL. (You can also use any specific URL)


Click on top organic keywords.

semrush organic keywords

Now if you want to export data to excel or PDF then click on export button.

Note: SEMrush is a paid tool and in the trial period It will only give you some amount of keyword ideas, but It will let you more keywords by sorting its different insight like CPC, volume, position & traffic.


Long Tail Pro: Best Keyword Research Tool for Niche Sites

Long Tail Pro is ultimate keyword research tool which is developed to grab golden long tail keywords for niche sites.

That will help you to outrank competitors.

All you need to do is enter your broad keyword, and it will give full extended versions for that particular keyword, and you can also use as LSI keywords.

With the use of long tail pro, you can perform niche research procedure, and it will help you to get low competition niche.

One matrix of long tail pro I like most its Keyword difficulty.This matrix compares your chosen keyword with top ten competitors and calculates keyword competitiveness according to that.

It will fetch the relevant data from Majestic like

  • Trust flow: It measures the quality of the links that pointing to URL and gives output in the form of 0 to 100 range. Higher the trust flow more trusted sites are linked to the URL.
  • Citation flow: It measures the link juice website URL carries and gives output in the form of 0 to 100 range.
  • Domain TF: Same as trust flow matrix done for a domain.
  • Domain CF: Same as citation flow matrix done for a domain.External Backlinks: The number of external links is pointing to the page.
  • Referring domains: The number of domains pointing to the page.
  • Edu/Gov Backlinks: The number of referring links from .edu and .gov sites.
  • Internal links: The number of links to other pages of the same domain.
  • Indexed URLs: The number of indexed URLs of the domain. It shows a content size of the domain.
  • Site age: How longer ago a domain was created. If site age is more, Google gives more preference to that domain.

First open long tail pro and add new project with title

Click on find keywords button and enter seed keyword (Main keyword) & along with this you can also add your own keywords scraped from other tool.


Click on generate keywords & fetch data and It will show you high profitable, long tail and low competition keywords.


Ahref: First Choice of SEO Experts for Link Building

Ahref is best backlink exposer tool that sometimes gives you best long tail keywords of competitors.

And it also shows you backlinks pointing to competitors site that will help in link building.

Also, you can use Ahref to outrank your blog from competitors by using The Sweet Steal Technique.

Note: First you need to sign up on ahref site that allows you to maximum five keywords only but if you would like to buy then this special discount offer link is for you.


Go to Ahref account head over to site explorer section & enter competitor site.


Click on organic keywords of a particular country you was targeted.

Now you can see keyword's position, volume & traffic that will drive visitors for your targeted competitor.


Quora: A Question-Answer Portal

This is one of the best ways to find long tail phrases related by knowing your visitor's problems.

It's question & answer platform where people discuss their problems and get best solutions from industries experts.

To get long tail ideas from Quora, you need to create an account.


Once you logged in to your account then type a primary keyword or broad keyword in the search bar at the top of the page.

quora tool 1


You will get tons of popular questions on the particular topic and some of that are useful for a keyword, but others give you new angle for the topic.

quora tool 2


Pick one the best question and put into Google keyword planner to see expanded more versions of it.


Google Search Console

Have you searched terms or keywords for that your blog already rank on google's 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th pages?

With search console of Google tool, It's the nice way to get some keywords idea which suitable for your blog and It can give you best result from that.

And by using that idea you can hit up a blog post from 2nd, 3rd &4th pages to the 1st page of SERP.

Sounds good?

Let me give you an example, If I have seen that my keyword "essential settings of WordPress" is already rank on 1st page of the Google then from webmaster tool, I could get some specific long tail phrases of a primary keyword "essential settings of WordPress."


First log in to google search console and select your blog.

Click on search traffic & then search analytics.

google search console 3


Now select positions at top page and show as 500 rows at the right side of the bottom.

You can see top keywords for that ranking on SERP. Put one of them on keyword planner to show an expanded list of ideas.

google search console queries

If you find some suitable keywords for your blog then you can use in the post.

Something special for you:

Would you love to see detailed guide of keyword research with the use of Google search console, then you must check this epic guide.

11 Hot Place to Find Buyer Intent Keywords 

Soovle is free tool let you get best keywords from Amazon, Yahoo, Wikipedia,, You tube and Bing.


Navigate to Soovle and enter seed keyword in the search field.


If you were entering "best headphones" then It will give you a ton of keywords like this from industries popular platforms.

soovle keyword tool

You can target very specific keywords given below
Best headphones under $100
Best wireless headphones
Best headphones for running
Best headphones for working out

Google Trends: Best Place to Find Trending Topics

One of the best tool ever that gives us popularity of your topic is Google trends. It will show you how popular is your topic, Regional interests, and related searches.


Enter your targeted keyword into the search field of Google trends.


Scroll down and reach at related searches section. You will see rising topics & queries of entered keyword.

google trends keyword research tool

Pick one or more queries and put into keyword planner tool to see expanded keywords list.


Google Correlate

Google Correlate is a tool that gives you keywords that correlate with a primary keyword or keywords that behind your targeted keyword.


Enter main keyword in the search field of the Google correlate.


It will show you queries that tend to correlate with a broad keyword. Make tick mark at Exclude terms containing "broad keyword".

google correlate tool

The number shows you how keyword is correlated with the primary keyword phrase. Closer to 1 better it is.


Amazon AutoFill: The Best Place for Purchased Ready Keywords

As you know, Amazon is largest e-commerce industry around the globe, and It will give you purchased ready keywords.

The main aim of Amazon is to sell the products, and when you search any terms in the search bar for Amazon, it will show you keyword phrases that have purchased intent.


Head over to Amazon and enter body or head keyword of the product.


Amazon will show you variations of entered keyword.


Forums: Best Place to Find Targeted Audience Problems

This is my all time favorite trick to get brainstorm long tail keywords by knowing my targeted audience from the industry.

Forums are the best place to engage a with a targeted audience and from their problems to list out keyword phrases. After all audience of your industry was searching on google to get the best solution.

You can participate in your industry's forums by entering

"Keyword + Forum"
"Your blog niche + Forum"

If I was looking for Punjabi dish recipe forums, then keyword could "Punjabi dish recipe" + "forum".

For example:

forum long tail keywords

Few keywords from above image:

"Base gravy using roasted onions."

"Turmeric in the initial boil."

"Base gravy with oil vs. without oil."

Then you only need to place brainstormed keywords into google keyword planner or long tail pro to get search volume, CPC and keyword competitiveness.


Scrapebox: The Swiss Army Knife of SEO!

Have you heard about scrape box before?

If your answer is no, then let me give you little bit introduction about scrape box.

Scrapebox does two main things: scrapees the search engine results and posts automatically blog comments.

You can use scrape box for long tail keyword research by using its keyword scraper. It works as Uber suggest but sometimes you could get more results.

Let's scrape keywords using scrape box.


Open the tool and click on "Scrape" and choose " Keyword Scraper".

scrapebox long tail keyword research


Enter your seed keyword at " Enter your search keywords below" labeled box.

Click on " Append A-Z" and finally choose sources from which you want to get results just by clicking " Select keyword scraper sources".


Click on " Scrape" then it will take some amount of time to scrape keywords.

keyword scraper scrapebox


Now you have lot's of short tail and long tail keywords. For removing duplicate keywords click on " Remove duplicates".


To save your results copy keywords from result field and paste them on the notepad or excel worksheet.

If you want to know search volume and CPC of that keywords you can upload .txt or CSV file in Google keyword planner.


Udemy: A Modern Way to Find Hidden Keywords

Udemy is online courses provider portal for every industry. You can find out best courses you want to learn at free or paid price at beginner, intermediate & expert levels.

You might be wondering how this is related to our topic of long tail keyword ideas.

Let me give you one example If I was looking for a course that will teach me to link building.

Steps which I could follow.


Head over to Udemy and type my primary keyword as "link building".

udemy keyword research tool4

Then pick one of them and find out its potential by seeing reviews.

udemy keyword finder tool


Now I move to Curriculum under picked course. And from that, I would list out topic's ideas and use them as keywords.

Another thing you can do is place a link of popular course into Google keyword planner to list out more keyword ideas.

udemy keyword finder tool2.png

This strategy works fine and sometimes it gives you high profitable keywords that would help to rank in google's 1st page.


Keyword Shitter: A Simple But Effective Long Tail Keyword Tool

Do you want to extract more keyword variations from your targeted keywords? If so, then this tool help you.

Keyword shitter is the simple but very useful tool that let you find low competition long tail keywords for your niche.

All you need to do is enter your broad keyword and click on shit keywords.

Then Keyword shitter automatically shows you low competition keywords which you wouldn't find anywhere.

Here're the exact steps:


Head over to Keyword shitter and enter main keyword.

Press shit Keywords button.

Keyword shitter


You will have lots of keywords which you could target in your article. Also, you can see search volumes by putting those keywords into Google keyword planner. You can also do positive and negative filter according to your needs.

Seo long tail keywords-keyword shitter


Autosuggest by ToolFeast - A Great Alternative of Uber Suggest

What if you can get keyword difficulty in a free version?

Autosuggest finds the thousands of uncovered long tail phrases. It also provides you google trends chart, Live google SERP results, Important metrics like CPC, Volume, and Keyword difficulty.

Best part?

It's completely free forever.

Here're the exact steps:


Create a free account from here and from the dashboard, click on "Auto suggest".


Enter your seed keyword and choose the desired country. Then click on "Auto suggest me".

For example, I choose keyword research guide as the main keyword.​

autosuggest keyword research2

You can see how auto suggest tool can find the good LSI long tail keywords.

autosuggest keyword research

Over to you:

Now, you a have list of best ways to find long tail keywords and further all you need to do is target long tail phrase into your blog posts and do proper on-page SEO.

Furthermore, this free or paid long tail keyword research tools gives you better ideas to understand users intent.

What are the techniques have you used so far? Which long tail keyword generator tool do you like most?

Do let me know via comments and if you feel this article may help to others then don't forget to share on social media and with friends.

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Have a great day!


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