9 Massive Tips to Get Traffic from Google Plus [Infographic]

Social media is one of the powerful weapons to drive massive traffic to the blog. I put my most of time for sharing posts on it which give me positive results at now.

Google Plus is one of them which could drive lots of traffic to your blog.

But the problem is lots of people don’t know how to use google plus properly and get good traffic from it.

People are trying to improve OFF-page SEO with Social media shares and likes.

But they fail.


No proper strategy to reach out targeted audience which has the power to share your content online.

And Google Plus is one of them, but it’s better than Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

Today you will see some good tips to drive traffic from Google plus in the post.

I have also tried to make an infographic so that you could save it for future use.

Check it out:

drive traffic from google plus

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#1. Write powerful  headlines

Did you know what is important of powerful and eye-catching headlines in blogging?

Headlines are the first line of your article or copy that you write for generating more traffic and sales.

When any visitor come across your article, first it will see what this article is want to say?

If your headline would fill full visitor’s expectations, benefits, and his/her problems, then It will surely click on your article headline.

Same thing happens with Google plus, and You should write an eye catchy, valuable, and magnetic headline that will ensure more upvotes and shares.

For example, here I use “9 massive tips to drive traffic from google+, ” and this headline has benefits of attracting traffic from google plus.

So here I have included benefit along with few tips with search engine optimization words in the post that will bring excellent traffic on my blog.

#2. Stylize posts

What can you do when you want to grab the attention of visitors to some strings of the line?

Either you can do fonts bold, italic or underline or a mixture of all.

The Same strategy you should follow with google plus post and you have many options available directly while you are writing.

How to make fonts bold, italic and strikeout?

You can use:

  • Bold: Use the asterisk (*) around the words which you want to make the font bold.
  • Italic: Use underscore (_) around the words which you want to make font italic.
  • Strike out: Use hyphens (-) around the words which you want to make font strikeout.

You should also use bullet points and number points for showing steps, and this cheat sheet is given by Moz help you a lot.


#3. Use hashtags

Most interesting use of the hashtag is it will increase engagement with your targeted audience.

If you only write google plus post but you don’t know where is your targeted audience, then you end up with low-quality traffic.

Nowadays, the use of the hashtag is increasing because it will also increase the lifetime of the post. Sometimes, it also happens that Google Plus automatically shows your post in their “What is hot” section.

Now the question is how to find proper hashtags?

The answer is going to google explore and look what is trending in your niche. Use them into your post.


Always use niche relevant hashtags because irrelevant hashtags show your post to the people who might be looking for other niche related information.

You won’t get right visitors to your site and result at the end is less traffic & money.

Some guides you should check out:

#4. Use attractive images

A picture is worth more than 1000 words.

Yes! This goes for every industry.

If you include the attractive image into your post, then visitor might first look your image and maybe you will get +1 and share by just only image.

You might be asking should I put only images on google plus post.

My answer is no. You should use the combination of both (image + compelling text).

So if you share content related images, you will get the proper audience with more shares.

You can use canva.com, fotor and photocollege tools which are giving you to create attractive images for your niche.

#5. Target right audience

I have already shared few method by which you can reach your targeted audience. But one simple trick lets you more traffic and shares quickly.


The simple way is to make one new circle and add people who are interested in your niche related stuff.

Publish a post into that circle and you could good amount of traffic and +1.

#6. Send emails for more shares & backlinks

Do you know why email outreach link building strategy works charm because it connects you and people who are interested in your niche personally?

Same thing you should do over Google Plus, you should send an email while you are publishing Google + post.

If you have made a circle where your targeted audience is engaging, then it is best to place to connect personally each of them.

Some of might have a blog who would like your content give you a backlink.

#7. Share with google plus communities for more traffic

There are lots of communities on Google Plus platform that are curious to get more knowledge of their industry.

You just have to target right communities where people are interested in your content. You don’t need to make new community because it will take more time to develop but existing communities ready to go.

#8. Build a relationship

When you publish a great content, you will get quality comments on the article.

This comments might be appreciating your work, asking for solutions, need more details, etc. So it is your responsibility to solve their problems.

What will you get at the end?

A good relationship. Your audience sees you as an authority in the niche.

You can also do at Google Plus by replying comments and giving perfect solutions of problems that users are facing.

It will give you more likes and shares with good traffic at the end.

#9. Upload a video

If you can make a video of your content, then it’s a good sign for you.

You can upload a video on google plus, and It could be shared and liked by your targeted audience.

Over to you:

This is nine massive tips which I would recommend to use while sharing a post on google+. If you find this infographic is useful, then don’t hesitate to share it on facebook, twitter and with friends.

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