How to Change WordPress Login Url to Increase Security

Hello Guys, Today I come with fabulous Article “How to Change WordPress Login URL.” You probably might be wondering why we want to change default WordPress login URL and why is it necessary. But After reading this article, all your doubts will be cleared.

If you have not created a wordpress blog yet, these two guides help you

Why am I choosing this topic and wr0te it?

We know that hackers are applying their smarter tricks to hack websites. The most common way they apply script via WordPress login page, and if they successfully hack your website, then they may be deleted all content or injected some program to ruin your database.

After this what can you do? If you don’t have a backup of the database, then there will no chances of recovery.

Recently, I got many emails by iThemes Security shows that user tried to log in as “admin” means user tried login with “admin” username not only two to three times but 25 to 30 times and they failed every time, and I got email by iThemes security team.true:)Great service by iTheme Security.

email by ithemes security

Top most WordPress blog’s and professionals recommend Blog administrator to change WordPress login URL and also it is necessary while you want to improve your blog or website security.

Most powerful reasons behind it are to protect WordPress from Brute force attacks and Zero-day Vulnerability Attacks.

Let’s come to the topic and see a complete guide to setup WordPress custom login URL with a plugin.

We know that by default WordPress admin login page URL is and by changing default WordPress admin  dashboard will change completely

You can change default WordPress login URL to custom WordPress login URL by entering your secret code.Here I used some plugins that setup custom WordPress login URL means to hide/lock WordPress login URL.

Things to Keep in mind:

  • Take a full backup of your WordPress files & database before making changes.

How to Change WordPress Login URL to Custom WordPress Login URL with Use of Plugin:

First plugin is Rename wp-login.php

Rename wp-login.php is a light plugin that easily changes WordPress admin login page URL to anything you want. This plugin also provides functionality that when you deactivate this plugin, it brings your default admin page URL it was before. let’s see how to use Rename wp-login.php plugin.

Active & configure Rename wp-login.php:

First go to plugins section >> Add new and type Rename wp-login.php and hit enter.

Install and active it.

Once activated plugin move towards permalink section by going to Settings >> permalinks.

Change your login URL with your secret code.

rename wp-login.php settings

Now, if someone tries to search, then WordPress admin area error will be shown to him.

Second is HC Custom WP-Admin URL

HC Custom WP-Admin URL is a lightweight plugin that allows us to setup wp-admin URL, category base URLs, tag base URL. After activation of plugin, default WordPress login URL is changed by

[su_note radius=”1″]This plugin is not updated for two years but I have tested on latest WordPress, and it works fine.[/su_note]

Active & configure HC Custom WP-Admin URL plugin:

Go to plugin directory and HC Custom WP-Admin URL.

Install and active it.

Once you activated plugin, then navigate to Settings and click on the section of the permalink.

In the section, you can see a wp-admin slug box and enter your secret code in it.

change wordpress login url plugin

Here, take a chance my secret code

Last alternative plugin is iThemes security plugin

iThemes Security was formerly known as better wp security, and it is a very important plugin for security purposes as well.

Active & configure iThemes Security plugin:

Go to Plugins >> Add new and search iThemes security.

Install and active it.

Once a plugin is activated then go to Hide Login Area section and Replace your secret code with default wp-admin in Login slug box.

itheme security hide login area

You can change other settings as per your needs.

Which plugin you are using to change the default WordPress login URL write into the comment box.



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