6 Best Online Grammar And Punctuation Corrector Tools – 2018

Are you looking for Best Online Grammar And Punctuation Corrector Tools?

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Writing or creating an article that impresses the visitors is not an easy thing.

You need to put a lot of effort to not make any grammar, spelling or punctuation errors.

With the help of these online checker tools, you can improve the readability of your content without any mistakes.

If you want to have more page load time on your site, then your content must be grammatical error-free.

In this case, 6 free online grammar checker tools help you.

Of course, you can find many tools that are present which can help you to improve your writing.

But all the tools do not work with the same efficiency you need to analyze which is the right one for you.

I have done that task for you.

6 Best Online Grammar And Punctuation Corrector Tools 2018

Here’s the list:

#1 Grammarly: Best Grammar Checker App

Grammarly demo

Grammarly is one of the most trusted and used by over millions of people in the world.

It is the best powerful and grammar checker tool that completely analyzes your writing and brings you suggestions to make your writing even better.

When you start typing anywhere it starts analyzing your content. It will provide the useful suggestions and fixes your errors right alongside your typing.

It is available as an extension for all the browsers and makes it easy for the service to monitor your writing anywhere on the web.

Check My experience with Grammarly app from here.

It’s available as a FREE and Paid version.

It allows you to correct up to 150 grammatical mistakes with the FREE version.

Benefits you enjoy:

  • Enhances vocabulary usage
  • Eliminates punctuation errors
  • Easy to use
  • Provides an explanation for each correction
  • Plagiarism fixer

#2 Spell check plus: Free Online Grammar and Sentence Structure Checker Tool


Spell check plus is another online grammar and punctuation checker & corrector tool which is simple and straightforward.

It helps to improve your writing by providing useful suggestions. You will get the correct word forms, word suggestions, and finds the simple spelling errors in your content.

It is available for both free and paid users. The pro version offers more features when compared to the free version.

With pro version, you will get the grammar exercises to improve your grasp of English grammar and a complete summary of your mistakes which helps you to analyze them and learn the right way of writing from your mistakes.

Isn’t awesome?

#3 Paper Rater

paper rater

Paper Rater is another tool that provides extensive analysis of the text and a complete report on your content.

It is one of the most thorough grammar and punctuation checker that will check your writing for almost any type of mistake and will help you to rectify the errors before saving or submitting.

You don’t need to download any software to use this tool. It provides an extension for your browser and you can make use of it by adding it to your browser.

It provides you grammar checks, punctuation and spelling errors, plagiarism checks, writing suggestions, and duplicates.

Benefits you enjoy:

  • Robust grammar checking
  • Writing suggestions for better writing
  • Plagiarism checking

#4 White Smoke: The Professional Grammar Check Online

White Smoke

White smoke is one of the best alternatives to Grammarly.

It is an all-in-one writing tool that helps you to identify the errors and corrects your grammar, spelling mistakes, punctuations, style, and duplicates.

It can also detect the plagiarized content and can help you to convert your content into 50 different languages.

It is available as an extension to add it to your browser. It also offers a desktop application that you can download on your system to make use of it in the MS office. This will convert your good content into a flawless content by removing all the errors and by adding right words to your content.

I will write a detailed article on Grammarly vs WhiteSmoke later.

Benefits you enjoy:

  • Writing style checking
  • Spelling mistakes corrector
  • Grammar checking
  • Punctuation checking
  • Translator

#5 After The Deadline: Best Sentence Structure Checker

After The Deadline

This tool will check the overall content and finds the usage of grammar, spellings, and your writing style. After the deadline is developed by the WordPress team and it is the best tool for writers to check grammar and punctuation errors.

After analyzing your content it will provide you with the best suggestions which will help you to improve the overall text by using different words and sentence structure without any flaws in your content.

As it is developed by the WordPress, it is available as a plugin for WordPress self-hosted blogs, and other browsers like Chrome, Firefox, BB press forums and also available as an add-on for the OpenOffice Writer word software.

Benefits you enjoy:

  • Contextual spell checking
  • Intelligent grammar checking
  • Less time on editing
  • Advanced style checking

#6 Ginger Software: Grammar and Spell Checker Tool

Ginger Software

While if you are going to compare ginger software with other proofreading tools then you should consider it as one of the best tools.

It does contextual spelling checking, wrong word usage correction, punctuation and sentence style correction and many more things.

Whether you are using Gmail, Facebook or Twitter, the ginger software is there to improve your writing skills.

It’s available as FREE and Paid.

Benefits you enjoy:

  • Microsoft word add-on
  • Built-in plagiarism checker to find duplicate content
  • Windows & Mac App
  • Context-specific grammar checking

Final Words:

I hope you enjoyed an article on best online grammar and punctuation corrector tools. If you are very serious about your writing then I would suggest you try Grammarly. I have been using it for last two years and It’s free.

Let me know how these tools can help you? And which tool you found most useful? In the comment box below.

Thank you!

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